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PCB Service


The PCB Prototyping service provides a easy way to get 5, 10 and 20 pcs of bare PCBs for testing or prototyping. Elecrow provides 2 layers and 4 layers PCB prototyping, with different dimension. Pleae refer to the Wiki for the very common problems in the order. 

1. We supply 6 different colors without extra fees.

2. PCB quality insurance: we will 100% e-test the PCBs, if short or break happened, we can fabricate and ship the PCB again or refund the fabrication fees of the problem PCB. Any quality problem, please contact QC@elecrow.com.

More details, please click here

Elecrow Premium PCB service will be a good choice, if you have high standard for your PCB with more advanced producing technology. It includes flex PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, HDI PCB, High Frequency PCB, Aluminum Substrate PCB, Heat Sink PCB and so on.

Please reach at service@elelcrow.com for quotation and further information.