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Premium PCB

Flex PCB,Aluminum Based PCB, HDI PCB, Frequency PCB

Elecrow PCB prototyping service can meet the requirement of most custom PCB manufacturing requirements. You can directly place your bare PCB order on-line for 2or4 layer regular.

Elecrow Premium PCB service will be a good choice, if you have high standard for your PCB with more advanced producing technology. It includes flex PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, HDI PCB, High Frequency PCB, Aluminum Substrate PCB, Heat Sink PCB and so on.

Please reach at service@elelcrow.com for quotation and further information.

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    Elecrow is devoted to provide affordable flex PCB. If you are looking for a flexible PCB or Rigid-flex PCB supplier, our engineers are here to help you solve your technician questions and meet your requirement. We can assist you to prototype sample or small batch soft circuit boards. Our Flex PCB group is able to provide you with flexible PCB as well as Rigid-flex PCB with a variety of technologies, from single-sided flex PCB to complex multilayer flexible PCB and Rigid- flex PCB with Impedance Control PCB.
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    Aluminum substrate is a kind of copper-clad circuit board based on metal substrate, with good thermal conductivity.
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    The appearance of multilayer PCB is mainly caused by the development technology of electronic, such as small size, high speed, multi-function and high-capacity. The material unlike Double-Sided PCBs with only two conductive layers all multilayer PCBs is that it must have at least three layers of conductive material, and the PCB boards are buried in the center of the material.