Dear awesome customers, thank you very much for your consistent support to Elecrow. In order to provide you with our better service and higher quality products, we sincerely appreciate if you could take a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire about Crowbits. Your valuable comments will be the direction of our efforts. Elecrow fully respects your personal privacy, all data is only used for statistical analysis, we will not deliberately disclose your information to any third party, please feel free to fill in.

Q1: How will you use Crowbits after receiving it? (Multiple choice question)
A.Gifts for children
B.As a teaching tool
C.As a toy
D.Auxiliary tool for self-study
E.Project or product design reference
Q2: The following description that best match you is? (Multiple choice question)
A.Hardware engineer
B.Software engineer
D.Elementary school student
E.Middle School student
F.College Students
Q3: The first time you hear Crowbits is from .
C.Google Search
G.Website   (website name)
H.Giveaway Campaign
Q4: Besides your need, after you read the crowd funding page, what is the motivation that make you place this order?
A.The Video of the campaign is awesome, I want to support this project
B.The description of the campaign is detailed and professional
C.Early bird price on Kickstarter is attractive
D.The update is in time, I trust this is a real project
E.The video and the dynamic image shows many interesting projects, it attracted me
F.Recommended by other supporter
Q5: What are your favorite parts of Crowbits? Please select the following options and write down your thoughts. (Multiple choice question)
A.The product appearance and shape design
B.Compatible with Lego, reserves a lot of space for creation
C.Magnetic connection design, safe and simple operation
D.One kit, a large number of items
E.88+ electronic modules, rich in types
F.The user manual can learn the knowledge of hardware modules and project design
G.With the visual programming software Letscode, it supports software and hardware interaction, which is conducive to learning software and hardware programming knowledge
Q6: Is there any disadvantages when you using Crowbits? Please select the following options and write down your thoughts. (Multiple choice question)
A.The description of the manual is not clear, the expression or grammar is problematic, and it is difficult to understand
B.The course content in the user manual is not rich enough
C.The visual programming software Letscode is not friendly enough for novices to use
D.Letscode has poor compatibility and many bugs
E.The logic design of advanced course is unreasonable
Q7: What do you think of the comprehensive experience of using Crowbits?
A.Very satisfied
C.Not bad
E.Very dissatisfied
Q8: Where would you buy this kind of products from your local market easily? Online or department store?
Q9: What's your expected price for buying similar product in your country?
Q10: How would you compare our products with other similar products in the market?
Q11: Do you think our forum has helped you use our products? Please give your opinions and suggestion on our forum.