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SX1278 LoRa Wireless 433MHz SPI Interface Testing Board

Model : DTE04731L

Initial Weight : 47.00g


Availability: In stock

As we all know, Ra-02 is a wireless transmission module based on SEMTECH’s SX1278 wireless transceiver. It’s particularly suitable for meter reading, smart home and burglar alarm equipment. Now, we introduce this stc- LoRa test board, the drive chip of this board is STC15W408AS model.


  • The test board is equipped with a battery box, so that it can be used anywhere you like.
  • The test boards includes Ra-02 module.
  • Interface: SPI
  • Frequency: 433MHz

Test Board Burning Method

  • 1. Connect the 51 test boards with serial port tool (RX- TX, TX- RX, GND- GND)
  • 2. Download STC- ISP tool, then open it. Click “detect MCU options”, the module will automatically complete the software configuration.
  • 3. Click “open program files” to select the MCU’s Hex firmware. Be cautious that the IRC frequency is 22.1184MHz when the user program is running.
  • 4. Please reset the test board after finishing download, then plug in the LoRa adapter board. It requires two testing board during this test, one for receiving, one for sending.
  • 5. Do not do any operation while the module is powered on, then the LoRa module enters receive mode. The module will enter sending mode after press the button of one of the module. The right lamp of the module will light after entering sending mode, and the other module is in the receiving mode. The left lamp will flash if data is received

Package list

  • LoRa test board (with Ra-02 module) x 2

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