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UVC OTG 5.8G 32CH FPV Receiver for Android Mobile Phone Tablet Smartphone

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5.8G map pass pocket, FPV display, mobile phone receiver, snow screen, VR aerial fixed wing pass machine.Compatible with all 5.8G graphics transmitters. Small outline, Mini Edition.Applicable to multi axis aircraft, cross aircraft, fixed wings, a variety of remote control aircraft. No signal, weak signal, snow status, as well as pictures, rescue machine emergency, refused to flash blue screen and fast recovery of picture signal
This is a mini 5.8G integrated image transmission module, which equipped with USB output plug, antenna and display module to reduce the loss of signal processing and convenient to output video signal.
In addition, it is easy to carry because it can be placed in your pocket directly. It has good resolution and clear quality effects, so it is applied to remote control aircraft and quadcopter.
Besides, its USB output plug fits the most of mobile phone except the individual high configuration version.It can watch images in real time,low latency,and save videos and pictures on your phone.the distance of receiving is related with the transmitter and antenna,the height of the flight,the electromagnetic ect. In the open without access conditions, with 200mW transmitter can transmit about 200-500 meters, with 600mW transmitter can be transmitted about 500-2000 meters.


  • Easy to carry
  • Good resolution
  • Maximum transmission distance:2000m
  • Direct USB plug output.
  • High integration, reduced signal processing loss, low latency


  • Resolution: 720*576
  • FPV mobile phone receiving integrated machine
  • 32 channel module
  • weight: 25g


  • The phone is Qualcomm or Samsung's CPU
  • Iphone can't use
  • Tablet PC and other mobile devices with OTG or UVC can also be used

Package list

  • FPV Receiver x 1
  • Mini USB to OTG cable x 1

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