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WS2813 SMD 5050 RGB LED- 10pcs

Model : CCL28135L

Initial Weight : 5.00g


Availability: In stock

WS2813 is a set of control circuit and light-emitting circuit in one of the intelligent external control LED light source. Its appearance and a 5050LED lamp beads the same, each component is a pixel.
The pixel contains the intelligent digital interface data latch signal shaping amplification drive circuit, anti-reverse circuit, also contains a high-precision internal oscillator and high-precision constant current control module, effectively ensure that the pixel light color is highly consistent. Has a unique breakpoint resume function, to achieve dual signal transmission, a single pixel in the case of damage, does not affect the overall color display. Data protocol using single-line zero code communication, pixel point after power-on reset, DIN side to accept the data transmitted from the controller, the first 24-bit data sent by the first pixel extraction, sent to the pixel internal Of the data latch, the remaining data through the internal shaping circuit after shaping the amplification through the DO port began to forward the output to the next cascade of pixels, each after a pixel transmission, the signal reduced by 24bit.
The pixel adopts the automatic shaping forwarding technology, so that the number of cascades of the pixels is not limited by the signal transmission, only the limited signal transmission speed requirements. BIN side receives the data signal phagocytic 24bit data, and DIN-side data, if the DIN side no signal, BIN side has received the signal, switch to the BIN side to receive the input signal to ensure that one of the IC damage does not affect the signal level Transmission, the control IC remains in the BIN port receive state, until the next power on after the restart to confirm.
Up to 2KHZ port scanning frequency, in the high-definition camera under the capture will not appear under the flicker, very suitable for high-speed mobile products. 250us or more of the RESET time, there will be no interruption caused by the reset, you can support lower frequency, cheap MCU.


  • All components are integrated in a 5050 package and do not require any other peripheral components to form a complete external control pixel.
  • intelligent reverse protection, 5V power supply will not damage the components after the reverse.
  • Built-in signal shaping circuit, any pixel after receiving the signal after waveform shaping and then output, to ensure that the line waveform distortion will not accumulate.
  • Port scanning frequency up to 2KHz
  • When the refresh rate of 30 frames / sec, the number of cascade is not less than 1024 points.
  • Data transmission speed up to 800Kbps.
  • light color is highly consistent, cost-effective


  • Power supply voltage : + 3.0 ~ + 5.3 V
  • Operating temperature: -25 ~ + 60 ℃
  • Storage temperature: -40 ~ + 120 ℃
  • Logic input voltage: -0.5 ~ VDD + 0.5 V
  • Power:0.24W/PC
  • Wave length(NM):R-650mcd, G-520mcd,B-460mcd
  • View angle:120 degree
  • Life span:no less than 50000hrs


  • Guardrail tube series, point light display series, flexible/rigid strips series, module series applications
  • Lighting stage costumes, innovative gadgets or any other electronic products.

Package list

  • WS2813 SMD 5050 RGB LED x10

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