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Why Sell On Elecrow?
  • Manufacturing Service

    Elecrow helps you with PCB manufacturing\Assembly & other production services, as a partner seller you can enjoy Elecrow's special discounts on manufacturing orders.

  • Warehousing Service

    Elecrow offers warehousing services to save money and time for partner sellers. No worries about handling stock issues.

  • Global Logistics

    Fulfilled by Elecrow, Elecrow provides international logistics services for partner sellers’ orders, can help extend your business spectrum to each corner of the world.

  • Easy to use

    Fewer steps to selling on Elecrow, an easy-to-use system provided by Elecrow helps partner sellers to process orders and payments with transparent stock and financial status.

  • More Benefits

    Lower cost to sell here, Elecrow charges no platform fee and no monthly fee from partner sellers. Just pay 5% of your total revenue to Elecrow to Maximise your profits!

  • More Supports

    Elecrow offers One-to-One VIP services to each of our partner sellers including professional photography, strategic social media promotion, timely newsletter updates, targeted community recommendations, and efficient offline exhibition distribution.

How it works
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Seller Policy
What Elecrow is responsible for?

1. Handling orders and payments from buyers to partner sellers.

2. Respond immediately to buyers and track and resolve issues raised by product buyers in a timely manner.

3. Handling Warehousing and logistics for partner sellers.

4. Provide Sellers with clear lists of product stock, orders & financial status.

5. Deliver Monthly disbursement to partner sellers, sellers can withdraw money anytime they want.

6. Regularly promote & market products for partner sellers' products.

7. Never divulge any part of partner sellers' project designs and files, keep them a high secret. Without sellers' permission, no excessive number of products will be produced and put on the shelf.

What Partner sellers are responsible for?

1. Design your own project and pay for your product manufacturing.

2. Write the product description and set the appropriate price for your products.

3. Provide technical support and assistance to your product buyers

4. Assist in marketing your own products.

You Just Focus On Creation, Elecrow handles Everything else for you

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What to Sell On Elecrow
Who can Join

Elecrow has never set limits on who can qualify to be a partner seller. Anyone who can make DIY electronics and projects, whether college students, individual electronics makers, DIY electronics hobbyists, hackers, tech geeks, business groups, startups, or even tech novices, as long as you have the enthusiasm to create tech projects, is welcome to join Elecrow as a partner seller!

What Partner Sellers Said
  • “ Hacking is a passion for me, any kind of hacking: hardware, software but also pyrotechnics. I really like to share my passions through open source projects and you can find some cool stuff on my YouTube channel here. KeyDuino was my Master's degree final project and was a great experience based on a Kickstarter. If you want to contact me feel free to email me at
  • “ I started Embedded Lab in 2010 as a hobby project to document my personal electronics projects and to support newbies in the DIY and maker communities by providing open-access tutorials and projects. I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them. I welcome the report of errors and suggestions for improvements. If you would like to reach me for any reason (question, comment, project share, or just to say hello), you can email me at
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