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If you have any other special requirements, kindly contact our customer service team instead of mentioning it in the gerber. To save disappointment, please double check your designs with CAM350 for errors before placing order.

*Please well note that for PCB orders placed directly on this page, you can change the file and add notes before 6:00 pm of the same day(Beijing Time). After 6:00 pm, the production has been arranged and cannot be changed. If you have any changes within the allowed time, please send an email directly to

x *Unit: mm
* eg
*Unit: mm
Inner copper:
Order together with PCB
* eg
The above PCBs need assembly service

PCBA Quantity


The number of component types on each PCBA boardy


The total number of components on each PCBA board


The total number of SMD Pads on each PCBA board


The total number of THT Pins on each PCBA board

Please note: Price does not include the cost of components, exact quotation will be sent to you via emil after you contact for help.

Need a quick and accurante quote? Please prepare the Quotation Documentation according to our document format The template for necessary files. Thank you very much!

PCB Cost


  • Layer
    2 layers
  • Dimensions
    100mm * 100mm
  • PCB Qty
  • Different PCB Design
  • PCB Thickness
  • PCB Color
  • Surface Finish
  • Castellated Hole
  • Copper Weight

PCB stencil Cost


  • Stencil type
  • Size (mm)
  • Stencil Side
  • Quantity
  • Mark point

PCBA Cost*


  • Assembly Cost
  • Discount Price
  • * Only the Assembly cost has been evaluated. Unable to add shopping cart for settlement. If you need a complete PCBA quotation, please contact Quotation will be given within one working day

The Regular Custom PCB(On-line Ordering) service will provide you the PCB with the parameters shown in our this page. All the PCBs will be fully tested, not random test. And we suggest you to read the following files Read Me before Ordering and PCB Specification && FAQ before using our PCB service. If there is any problem for your order or any suggestion for our service, please contact us via,,,

Gerber Files Required(2-layer)

The following files would be needed for the PCB production:
Solder Stop Mask top:pcbname.GTS Solder Stop Mask Bottom:pcbname.GBS
Silk Top:pcbname.GTO Silk Bottom:pcbname.GBO
NC Drill:pcbname.TXT Mechanical layer:pcbname.GML

Gerber Files Required(4-layer)

Including the layer shown in “Gerber Files Required(2-layer)”, and two inner layer should be added.
Inner1 layer:pcbname.G1 Inner2 layer:pcbname.G2


Multi Layers:1-2-4-6-8 PCB Material:FR-4
Available Color:Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Matte Black, Purple Silk Screen:White, Black (For White and Yellow Solder Mask)
Maximum Size:55cm X 55cm Minimum Qty:5pcs
Board Thickness:0.6mm,0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm Thickness Tolerance:(t≥1.0mm) ± 10%
Thickness Tolerance:(t<1.0mm) ± 0.1mm Minimum PCB track:6mil (Recommend >8mil)
Minimum Track Space:6mil (Recommend >8mil) Minimum pads Space:8mil
Minimum silkscreen text width:0.15mm Minimum silkscreen text height:0.8mm
Out Layer Copper Thickness:1oz(35um)/2oz(70um) Inner Layer Copper Thickness:17um/35um
Drilling Hole:0.3mm Drill Diameter Tolerance (non-plated):0.05mm
Drill Diameter Tolerance (plated):0.1mm Outline Tolerance (Mechanical):±0.20mm
Surface Finish:HASL, HASL (Lead Free), ENIG

Lead Time

Example(Please make sure that you place the order before 5:30 p.m.(Beijing Time))
Order day In production 24H rush ship 48H rush ship 72H rush ship 96H rush ship
Feb. 1st. Feb. 2nd. Feb. 3rd. Feb. 4th. Feb 5th. Feb 6th.

Special Requirement

1 For one layer PCB, we make it as 1 layer with mask one side in default. Please leave a comment if it should be made as 1 layer with mask both sides.
2 Board outline must be included at least in one layer if there isn't GML/GKO layer.
3 Gerber “RS-274-X” is the sole format for fabrication, and you can output gerber from other formats, they are “BRD”, “PCBdoc”, “LAY6”.
4 If you need some holes not plated, please name the non-plated holes as and leave a comment.
5 For stencil, we skip through-hole component pads and all drills (holes) by default except the fiducial, so you need to leave a message to us if you need to make the holes of the GTP and GBP.
6 If you want to make your board with golden finger and beveled edge or edge copper plating, please leave us a comment or contact us in And you may need to pay extra for it.
7 We could make the PCB without any surface finish and leave the copper exposed, please leave us a comment in your order.
8 For panelizing , we could make your board with v-cut or mouse bite. You can know more about how to reduce cost with panelizing service on this page.
9 The engineer will add manufacture time code on the board edge. If any code is not needed, please leave a comment.
10 The $1 USD PCB prototype is to encourage innovation, please don't add same PCB design with this $1 USD PCB prototype.

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