Crowbits is a magnetic, programmable electronic block that can help kids or beginners to learn coding and electronics. Contains 80+ modules for kids to develop logic skills, programming skills and turn their idea to reality with endless creativity.

80+ Modules
Magnetic Pogo Pin
Compatible with Lego
Graphical Programming
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Just connected, free of coding

Want to play out of the box? Just connected the modules, no coding needed!

Project presentation

Just check out the LEGO-compatible, cardboard projects we provide for no coding level!

Coding mode-fully unleash kids' imaginations. Crowbits comes with a customized programming software-Letscode, just drag and drop the programming blocks to active kids' inspiration.

Build a fully-functional production yourself in several steps, like a phone, game console

(supports 300+ open-source games), or a security radar.

Coding to active your inspirations

Comes with a customized programming software-Letscode,

just drag and drop the programming blocks to create games, car as you want.

  • Scratch 3.0 enhanced

  • Learn python

  • Support a variety of hardware devices

  • Cross-system platform

Compatible with LEGO for more possibilities

We have engineered Crowbits so that you can mix and match them with your LEGO blocks, combining them with the classical block toys for an even more thrilling sor of educational fun.

Snap and play out of the box

Because of the magnetic snaps on Crowbits, you can connect them effortlessly. All you do is align the magnetic Pogo pin connectors

Colour-coded electronic modules

Crowbits come in three demensions (Large, Medium and Small), they can be divided into four types according to their functions, which are distinguished by blue/yellow/green/orange.

  • Power/Logic/Main control Modules

  • Input Modules

  • Output Modules

  • I2C/UART Modules

Strong ability to expand

The Crowbits is compatible with common hardware platforms like Arduino, micro:bit, ESP32. It contains 80+ electronic blocks for kids to build thousands of projects through different combinations. 30 among them are no need to code.

Environment-friendly and secure design

It's safe and durable for children to use with kids-friendly design and certified ABS material.

Three difficulty levels for progressive learning

Available in three difficulty levels, Crowbits are the perfect educational tool for all ages.

Start with no coding, move on to light coding, and then move on once again to fully coding.

From newbies to experts,Crowbits are the premier way to learn programming and engineering.

Invent start from here!

  • Hello Kit

    No coding require. 7 electronic modules and 5 cardboard projects to train kids' hands-on ability.

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  • Explore Kit

    No coding require. 13 electronic modules and 12 projects, which will help you lay a solid foundation for programming.

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  • Inventor Kit

    Compatible with micro:bit V2 and LEGO block, make your own invention trip by Coding Instantly!

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  • Creator Kit

    Code to build hardware and programming interactive projects with UNO. You will enjoy different fun of programming.

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  • Master Kit

    Creating Your Own Products! Compatible with ESP32, 6 modules, 16 projects, 3 fully functional products for you to explore.

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  • All in one pack Kit

    You will get Hello Kit x 1, Explorer Kit x 1, Inventor Kit x 1, Creator Kit x 1, Master Kit x 1.

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Each crowbits module can also be purchased separately,

browse the crowbits family to create a custom set that is geared to your interests.

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