Save with Your Coupons

How to Use Elecrow Coupon

  • 1. Collect the coupon
  • 2. View available coupons on My Coupon page
  • 3. Place an order
  • 4. Select a coupon to use before paying
  • 5. Complete the payment for the order

Save More with Elecrow Special Offers

  • Soldering Iron Stand

  • Micro SD/TF to SD Card Adapter for Raspberry Pi

  • 60% OFF! HD 720P USB Webcam for Raspberry Pi

  • Acrylic Case for 5 Inch HDMI-compatible TFT LCD Touch Screen Shield of Raspberry Pi 2 / B+

  • Acrylic Case Protector for Raspberry Pi Zero

  • Crazepony MINI Quadcopter Open Source Development Platform

  • Christmas PCB Tree

  • Crowtail- Flame Sensor 2.0

  • 70% OFF! W5500 Ethernet Module

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1. What is Elecrow Coupon?

Elecrow coupon is a type of promotional voucher that can be used to obtain a discount on purchases from the Elecrow website.

2. Why can't I collect the Elecrow coupon?

This may be because you do not belong to the user category that can use the coupon. Elecrow's users are divided into general users and distributors. If you are a general user, you won't be able to collect the coupon if it is only available to distributors.

3. Why can't I use the Elecrow coupon?

Please check the validity date, restrictions, and the applicable product of this coupon. If the order does not meet the conditions, it cannot be used. For example, If the coupon is only available on orders more than $100 and only for displays, the coupon will only be available if the total display amount in the order reaches $100.

4. Can I use more than one coupon on one order?

No, only one coupon is available per order.

5. How many coupons I can collect for each type of coupon?

Each account can only receive one coupon for each type of discount.