Electronic Semiconductor Refrigeration Module DIY Cooler Cooling System Kit

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This semiconductor refrigeration module can be refrigerated to freezing and can freeze Coke to 0.5 degrees.  it is power-saving and the low noise. our materials are the better material in similar products and can be used for a long time with electricity. Applicable to cooling small rooms, air cooling dehumidification, learning semiconductor refrigeration theory, etc, and You can use it to DIY a small fridge, mini air conditioner or cooling device.


  • Comes with a container, easy to use, freeze water into ice cubes

  • Stable work and low noise, no refrigerant required, fast cooling speed and freeze large ice cubes 

  • Simple operation, strong practicability, used with temperature control, it can be frozen to the temperature you want

  • With a container, safe and convenient


  • Product electrical characteristics:

  • Temperature measurement range: -55℃~120℃

  • Measurement accuracy: +0.1℃

  • Control accuracy: 0.1℃

  • Backlash accuracy: 0.1℃

  • Refresh rate: 0.2s

  • Input voltage: DC12V/24V/220V (optional)

  • Measurement input: NTC (10KO.5%)

  • Output: one 10A relay

  • Environmental requirements: -10℃--60℃; humidity 20%--85%

  • Size: 71mm (length) * 41mm (width)

  • Power consumption of the whole machine: quiescent current ≤40MA; pull-in current: ≤65MA

  • Size: 9.5*10*14cm

  • Weight: 542g

  • Voltage: 12V

  • Cup size: 9*7.5*8.5 cm


  • Don't take out the screws and nuts on top.

  • If the cup leaks, please stop using it in time.

  • Only support 12V power, do not use other voltages.

  • Adding a little water to the cup is good for drying and accelerating cooling.

Package List:

1 x Semiconductor Refrigeration Module

1 x Charger

1 x Temperature Controller


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