Everything You Need to Know about Black Core PCB

PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board, one of the most important components used in multiple electronic and technical appliances around us.

There are different kinds of PCBs, among which black core PCB is also widely used. Black core PCB has a different set of applications and is manufactured differently than the usual PCBs. You must be thinking about what makes it different from other kinds of PCBs, its benefits, and much more.

To answer all these questions, we have collected fruitful information in the article below, which could greatly help you. So, let's read and get to know about the details.


What is Black Core PCB?

Black core PCB also performs more or less the same functions as other PCB, but they have a manufacturing composition that differs from the traditional PCBs. They have a layer of black thermoset resin between two copper foil layers.

  black core pcb

Black core PCBs are mostly opted for applications that consume high power as they can effectively dissipate heat. The layer of copper foils present in between offers the components to have electrical connections in between; hence, the circuit board tends to send signals this way.

The manufacturing process of black core PCB is the same as that of the traditional PCB, and the only difference is the difference in core between them. The black thermoset resin is a material that offers better heat conductance. Hence, it goes well with applications requiring high power; therefore, they are easily managed with heat-dissipating capabilities.

Factors to Consider When Designing Black Core PCBs

PCBs form an essential part of the appliances they are used in, and hence their design also plays a critical role in their working mechanism. So, when it comes to black core PCBs, some essential factors must be considered when designing them.

The most important aspects that need attention are:

  • The compatibility of materials.
  • Uniform distribution of power.
  • Smooth signal transmission.
  • Heat management.

Heat management is the top priority in black core PCB and cannot be disregarded because, due to this feature of it, high-power applications use it. Heat management allows the PCB to ensure that it operates in safe temperature zones and won't cause any damage to the appliance.

The second most important thing is ensuring the transmission of the signal remains unaffected when heat is produced. Since the black core PCB helps heat dissipation, this issue can be resolved, and the signals are transmitted easily.

The other components used in the black core PCB must be checked for compatibility with the core of this PCB. The compatibility between the core and all other components is important because it will ensure reliability. PCB may only work in the short run if the components are compatible.

Hence when designing the black core PCB all these aspects must be considered because it is different from the traditional PCB, and the same approach cannot be applied to its design.


Benefits of Black Core PCB

There is a reason that companies look forward to investing in a black core PCB, which calls for various advantages. Hence, when choosing it, the following benefits must be considered.

Excellent Heat Management

As stated above, the main reason for using a black core PCB in high-power applications is its ability to manage heat and hence doesn't let the device overheat. These PCBs are manufactured to move the heat away from the components, protecting the components from damage and helping increase their durability.

Moreover, too much heat also causes the performance to get impacted; however, using black core PCB transfers heat far away from the device, ensuring accurate performance.

Durable for a Longer Run Use

The black Core PCB material is relatively stable as compared to the material of traditional PCBs. The durability of this material is commendable, and hence the risk of cracking due to heat doesn't exist in this kind of PCB. When a PCB is free of such issues, it could be ensured that the risk of failure of the devices in which it is installed also reduces.

Improved Performance of Signal Transmission

Black core fr4 offers a low dielectric constant, and the same goes for the dissipation factor; hence, this kind of PCB doesn't let the electrical signals get any impact.

When the signals are transmitted through the board without being impacted, problems like loss of signals and lack of signal integrity are eliminated, and hence the device performs appropriately.

 black core fr4 printed board

Attractive Aesthetics

Some consumer electronics are of such nature that they need a nice-looking appearance; for those, black core PCBs could be an ideal choice. The visual appeal of the printed circuit board looks nice, and the traces of copper within the PCB are hidden in black.


Making of the Black Core PCB

The manufacturing process of black core PCB and traditional PCB is more or less the same except for adding a black resin layer. The entire process of making a black core PCB has been discussed below:

  • The first stage is designing the layout of the PCB, which can be done using multiple software used for the traditional PCBs too.
  • In the next stage, the design of the PCB layout is printed on a transparent film, which can be done with a laser printer.
  • Now, the cleaning solution is used to remove impurities from the copper-clad board, and then the design is transferred from the transparent film to the copper-clad board.
  • Transferring the design to the board requires a lot of heat and pressure; hence, the PCB layout is created this way.
  • The board is then etched using an etching solution, and the excessive copper is removed, which will not be a part of the PCB.
  • Holes for components and vias are then drilled.
  • The layer of black resin is then applied to the copper core, and the two layers, the copper-clad board, and the resin layer are bonded together using pressure and heat.
  • The board is then left in the oven to set the resin, creating strong bonding between the layers.
  • A solder mask is then applied over the board, which protects the traces of copper, allowing it to hold the components firmly on the board.
  • Lastly, labels and logos are applied on the board using a silkscreen layer.


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