RA-08H LoRaWan Node Board with RP2040 Controller for Long Range Communication (868Mhz/915Mhz)

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This Lora module uses RP2040 as the main controller and RA-08H module provides LoRa transmission and reception functions. It supports LoRa point-to-point transparent transmission and LoRaWAN network. When combined with four types of Crowtail sensor modules (Ax2/Dx2/IICx1/UARTx1), it can quickly build a Lora node. Additionally, we provide two firmware versions for 868/915MHZ to meet different usage needs.

To facilitate outdoor use, this module has a built-in lithium battery charging and discharging circuit, and an interface that supports solar panel charging, making it easy to set up and use the node outdoors.

The Lora RA-08H node module has six interfaces that can be used with commonly used sensors such as temperature and humidity, air quality, light, PM2.5, etc., providing convenience for quickly building a Lora weather station, as well as for projects related to smart homes, smart factories, and smart logistics. In addition, we have introduced a 20-pin header and added a double-row pin header in the accessories, which allows you to choose whether to solder it or not, supporting more development options. RA-08H supports programming in both Arduino and MicroPython, making it easy for users to achieve rapid and agile development.

lora node board

Connect with Crowtail Sensors

It can be connected with 150+ types of Crowtail modules to complete more interesting projects.
Lora node module lorawan ra-08h

Hardware Overview

Lora ra-08h node board with RP2040



  • Uses RP2040 as the main controller, with two 32-bit ARM Cortex M0+ processor cores (dual-core), and provides more powerful performance
  • Integrates the RA-08H module with 128KB Flash, 16KB SRAM, supports frequency band: 803MHZ-930MHZ
  • Abundant external interface resources, compatible with 150+ kinds of Crowtail series modules
  • Supports both Lora point-to-point transparent transmission and the use of LoraWAN network
  • Compatible with Arduino/MicroPython, easy to carry out different projects



Main Chip

Raspberry Pi chip RP2040, built-in 264KB SRAM, onboard 4MB Flash


Dual Core Arm Cortex-M0+ @ 133MHz

RA-08H Supports frequency band


RA-08H Support Interface

External antenna, SMA interface or IPEX first-generation interface

Development environment



  • 1x USB-C interface,
  • 6x 5V Crowtail interfaces (2x analog interfaces, 2xdigital interfaces, 1xUART interfaces, 1xIIC interfaces)
  • 2x10 universal GPIO interfaces
  • 1xBattery Interface
  • 1xSolar Interface

Working input voltage





Package List

  • 1x Lora RA-08H Node Board
  • 1x Lora Antenna (868Mhz/915Mhz)
  • 1x Pin Header
  • 1x USB Cable 

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