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MonochromeVGA Kit

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A Window to Classic Elegance

Introducing MonochromeVGA: Relive the Nostalgia of Classic Monochrome Monitors

Experience the enchanting allure of vintage monochrome monitors with MonochromeVGA. This innovative product allows you to immerse yourself in the retro charm of those timeless displays, right on your modern PC monitor. Not only that, it can be effortlessly connected to any TV, monitor, or video system with VGA inputs.

Discover Fascinating Possibilities

MonochromeVGA was born out of a deep sense of nostalgia and a desire to revive the memories associated with the first monochrome monitors, including iconic models like the Amstrad CPC and the pioneering IBM PCXT. It's fascinating to note that this product has attracted the attention of various professional users. For instance, photographers have found immense value in connecting MonochromeVGA to a secondary VGA monitor, enabling them to view black and white photographs in real-time during the editing process.

Additionally, this extraordinary device has even made a significant impact on individuals dealing with post-concussion syndrome. One user, who suffered from photophobia aggravated by blue light, discovered that MonochromeVGA provided a complete and physical solution. By effectively eliminating blue light when combined with a CRT monitor, this user experienced a remarkable improvement in screen time without severe symptoms.

Unlock a World of Features

By connecting MonochromeVGA directly to your VGA output, it effortlessly converts RGB signals into an equivalent luminance value through a clever arrangement of resistors. And with a simple selection using the convenient DIP switch, you can easily switch between monochrome and color output by combining the primary colors: red, green, and blue.

Customize Your Visual Experience with the Simulated Monitor Settings

Take full control of your visual experience with the DIP switch settings on MonochromeVGA. Here are a few examples to inspire you:


Vibrant Green Classic Amber Timeless Black & White
Immerse yourself in the vivid allure of a green display by selecting "OFF, OFF, OFF, ON." Relive the nostalgia of a classic amber monitor by choosing "ON, ON, OFF, OFF." Indulge in the elegance of black and white visuals with "ON, OFF, ON, ON."


Upgrade your digital journey with MonochromeVGA and let the retro nostalgia flood your senses. Rediscover the simplicity and elegance of monochrome monitors, perfectly tailored for the modern era.

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