Photosensitive Diode Sensor Module

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    Photosensitive diode module is the most sensitive for environmental light intensity, generally used for detecting the ambient brightness and intensity, in most of the cases with photosensitive resistance sensor module universal, it is difference that is the photosensitive diode module directional well and can sense the fixed direction of light source

    Photosensitive Diode Sensor Module


  • Working voltage: 3.3V-5V
  • Digital value and analog quantity double output
  • Provided with a fixed bolt hole, convenient to install
  • Adjustable sensitivity?
  • Provided with a fixed bolt hole, convenient to install

Usage note

  • When module is not up to the threshold in the condition without light or light intensity, the output port DO high level, when the external environment light intensity exceeds a set threshold, the module D0 output low level
  • Small digital output D0 with the microcontroller is connected directly, through the microcontroller to detect low level, thereby to detect environmental intensity change
  • Small digital output DO can directly drive the relay module, which can be composed of a photoelectric switch
  • Small analog output AO and our AD module, through the AD conversion, it can obtain more accurate numerical value of environmental light intensity
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