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What’s Elecrow Reward Points?

Elecrow Reward Points is extra benefit in reward for your kind support. (100 points = 1 $), the max. points you can apply is the 40% of shopping cart amount.

(Elecrow Reward Points is not accessible to distributors, the new reward points rule comes into effect from Jan. 17th, 2017)


How to earn Reward Points?

1. Join free

You can get 500 points when you register as the new customer. >> REGISTER NOW

join elecrow, get $5 reward points

2. Place order

The number of points you will get from one item is clearly displayed on the production page. And the points will pour into your account after

you pay the order. Normally, the points is equivalent to the item price on the numerical value.

leave a comment or buy this tiem to earn elecrow reward points

3. Leave a comment inside elecrow.com

You can get 30 points for each comment.

4. Invite your friend to enjoy elecrow service

Elecrow pcb fabricaton, pcb assembly service is very popular among worldwide electronic engineers. We have helped to bring thousands

of brilliant ideas into life and market. We're proud of what we have done. And we're confident that elecrow pcb prototyping and pcb

assembly service of short lead time, high quality and affordable price is just what your friends are looking for day and night. So, If you're

elecrow customers, tell others your  expierence buying with us. Elecrow deserves your recommendation.

Create your unique register url, after your friend place his first order successfully with this url, you will gain 500 points. The more friends you

invite, the more points you will earn.

 invite your friends to enjoy elecrow custom pcb service


How to apply Reward Points?

The points can be applied for all items on our on-line store. And you can use the points on the shopping cart page to get discount.

 apply elecrow reaward points to get discount

How to Check Reward Points?

The income and expenses history of the points will be recorded in your account. Check now -> Elecrow Reward Points