What's Elecrow Reward Points?

Elecrow Reward Points is an indicator used to determine which level a user is at. Different membership levels will enjoy different discounts. And each upgrade will get surprise upgrade gifts.

Note: The member discount is not available for partner sellers' products and special offers.


Ways to Earn Points


The points will pour into your account when the order is completed. Normally, the points are equivalent to the item price on the numerical value. Note: The number of points you ultimately earn is equal to the price you paid for the product, excluding shipping costs and discounts.

How to check Reward points?

Your reward points and membership level will be recorded in your account.

Elecrow Coins Introduction

1.what is Coins?

Coins are one way to reward members who contribute to the community. The Elecrow team is very grateful for your support and tolerance. When you have Coins, you can redeem them for gifts

2.How to get Coins?

How to get more Coins?
Action Coins Notes
Placing Orders Earn 1 coins for every $1 spent Excluding shipping costs and discount. The order needs to be completed
Subscribe Newsletter 50 Coins One Time Only
Share a Project(After approval) 50 Coins Only Text and Image
100 Coins With Text, Gerber&Bom
500 Coins With Text, Gerber&Bom, Detailed Tutorial
1000 Coins With Text, Gerber&Bom, Detailed Tutorial (During the event)
Share a Feedback 10 Coins Text with less than 20 words without images
20 Coins Text with more than 20 words without images
20 Coins Any number of words with images or videos
50 Coins Text with more than 20 words.With videos
Daily check-in (On a monthly basis) 10 Every day
100 Check-in for 7 days per month
200 Check-in for 14 days per month
300 Check-in for 21 days per month
400 Check-in for 30 days per month
Register and fill in profile 50 Coins First time filling out your profile (Avatar, Nickname, Country), only once
Like Project 1 coin each time Get up to 5 coins per day
Comment on Project 1 coin each time Get up to 5 coins per day
Invite new users 1000 Coins The invitee places order first time.And the order needs to be completed
Official Rewards for sharing projects 1-1000 Coins Elecrow Team will reward based on the overall evaluation of the project
Upload BOM File according to Elecrow Template 200 Coins Will be sent after the order is completed
Upload Testing File when inquiring about PCBA 50 Coins Will be sent after the order is completed
Get PCBA quotation and place the order within 5 days 300 Coins From the time of quotation to the time of successful payment
Check PCBA progress on PCBA service projects 50 Coins Once a week
Rate photos and videos taken for PCBA on service projects 5 Coins 5 coins each time
Confirm your PCBA project on service projects 20 Coins Click and confirm manually
Fill out the exclusive questionnaire 500 Coins Specified Questionnaire
More ways to get Coins are being prepared Rules may be adjusted at any time.
Please follow our latest rules~

3.What are the benefits of Coins?

Usage of Coins
Action Coins Notes
Redeem various products Corresponding number of Coins The coupon is valid forever once redeemed.
The redeemed gift will automatically be added to the shopping cart. If you delete the gift from the shopping cart, the coins will be returned to your account.
Redeem coupon
Donate to your favorite projects Any amount of Coins You can choose whether to use Coins to reward your favorite and helpful projects
More interesting products are being prepared
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