2M Magnetic Extension Cable for GrowCube

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The double-headed magnetic extension cable used by GrowCube, the use of this wire can solve the problem that the flowerpot is too far away from the GrowCube. Connect one end of the magnetic head and the sensor wire together, and then connect the other end of the extension cable to the GrowCube magnetic The slot can be used normally.

Note: When using this extension cable, there will be slight errors in the sensor measurements. For example, when the extension cable is not used, the humidity value is 80%, and when the extension cable is used, the humidity value is 70%, please pay attention to readjust the temperature and humidity value range after using the extension cable. You can adjust by referring to the difference between unused and used extension cables.


  • 4 Physical connection pins

  • High-temperature resistance

  • Magnetic

  • High strength

  • Good toughness


  • Material: ABS+TPU

  • Color: White

  • Weight: 50g

  • Length:2m

Note: When you use it, please fix the docking point of the magnetic suction line to prevent it from falling off, and do not touch the water source at the docking point.

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