Crowtail Advanced Kit for Arduino V2.0

Crowtail Advanced Kit for Arduino V2.0

Crowtail STEAM Edu Kit for Micro:bit

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The Crowtail STEAM Edu Kit for Micro:bit contains 12 common Crowtail modules, it’s a great way to build innovative projects to learn programming and electronics. All of the Crowtail modules have standard 4-pin connectors, so it’s easy to plug them into the base shield to realize your ideas. It’s fully compatible with micro:bit, so programming it using Microsoft Make code or Python is easy.

Note: The Crowtail base shield for Micro:bit in this kit has been updated to version 2.2.


  • Various Crowtail modules: Equipped with 12 common Crowtail modules, such as a buzzer, LED, sound sensor and etc, which allows for making interesting projects.
  • Detailed tutorial: 17 innovative projects and 17 missions for you to get started step by step.
  • Plug and play: No soldering required, build your circuit in minutes.

Projects built with this kit

Make a tilt direction to know which direction you are tilting the micro:bit. Use the radio on micro:bit make a telegraph, then send messages to your friends.
tilt_direction telegraph
Imagine a situation, your classmate fell asleep in the class, he won’t wake up only if you shake him and call his name. Build a circuit to detect the magnet, the LED will blink when it approaches to a magnetic field.
wake_him_up magnetic_detect
  • These projects shown above are just a few of our tutorials, if you have successfully completed all the projects, try to finish our missions.
    The 9G servo needs a large current to drive, so please use the battery case to power for micro:bit when you make projects with a 9G servo.


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Note: This crowtail STEAM Edu Kit does not include the micro:bit.


Package list

  • Crowtail Base shield for micro:bit x 1
  • Crowtail Magnetic sensor x 1
  • Crowtail LED(green) x 1
  • Crowtail LED(red) x 1
  • Crowtail LED(yellow) x 1
  • Crowtail Vibration motor x 1
  • Crowtail RGB LED x 1
  • Crowtail Sound sensor x 1
  • Crowtail Touch sensor x 1
  • Crowtail Buzzer x 1
  • Crowtail AND logic block x 1
  • Crowtail ORlogic block x 1
  • Crowtail NOT logic block x 1
  • Crowtail 9G servo x 1
  • Crowtail Moisture sensor x 1
  • Crowtail Ultrasonic sensor x 1
  • Magnetic x 1
  • Micro:bit Battery case x 1
  • 30m Micro USB cable x 1
  • Crowtail 4 pin cable x 1
  • User manual x 1



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