3W Infrared lamp for Raspberry Pi Camera

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This is a designed wide angle photographic infrared light for the Raspberry Pi camera use, through which you can capture images, photographs and video during the night to complete the purpose in poor lighting situations with the camera. It is very cheap and powerful performance. Precautions: Raspberry Pi power is limited, when the external 3W high-power light sensitive work, there will be varying degrees of fever phenomenon (you could add a external heat sink). Objects within three meters shoot better, long-range shooting is less effective (within 6 meters, you can only see the outline). The viewing angle of the infrared light is 100 degrees, need to meet the requirements with the use of two 160-degree viewing angle. there is a picture shows the position of VCC and GND:


  • Onboard 3W high-power infrared light
  • Onboard photosensitive resistance (detecting ambient light intensity)
  • Onboard adjustable resistors (adjusted automatically open infrared light ambient light intensity threshold)
  • The viewing angle of 100 degrees, with the Raspberry Pi camera with infrared filter function to achieve the infrared night vision function, such as: RPi Camera (E), RPi Camera (F), RPi Camera (H)

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  • 3W Infrared lamp for Raspberry Pi Camera x 1

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