Special offer for Mechanical keyboards manufacturing

PCB manufacturing-special price
for 5 pcs mechanical keyboard pcbs

Requirements: 2layers, all colors except purple and Matte Black, thickness:1.2 or 1.6mm, surface finish: HASL or HASL Lead free, Copper Weight: 1oz.

3D printing-special price for Mechanical keyboards

Only for material Photosensitive resin (domestic 9400), and only for 1 piece sample.

Acrylic Laser Cutting-Special price for Mechanical keyboard

only for 1 piece sample and acrylic color: Transparent with thickness: 2 or 3 mm, no Engrave.

How to enjoy the Mechanical Keyboard Special Promotion:

1. For PCB manufacturing: Click the “Special price for mechanical keyboard” button for PCB manufacturing.

2. For Acrylic Laser Cutting: Click the “Special price for mechanical keyboard” button for Acrylic Laser Cutting.

3. For 3D printing: Select the “Special price for mechanical keyboard” button on the 3D printing service page.

We cannot automatically identify mechanical keyboard orders, please include the keyword "mechanical keyboard" in your order note, the orders not related to mechanical keyboards will be excluded from the special offer activity.

Elecrow Mechanical Keyboard Open Source

This 87 Keys Wireless mechanical keyboard PCB is designed by Elecrow, Gerber file and Source codes (ESP32/Arduino and more) are provided freely for anyone.

Features: 354*130*3.45mm, ESP32-S3 and RP2040 (+ESP32-C3)MCU, low-power Bluetooth chip. Being compatible with C/C++/Micro Python/Arduino, it comes with RGB backlit LEDs of 16.8 million colors, 10 light modes, and 6 key interactive lighting effects.

Download Open Source Files

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