Meet Japanese Customers During Maker Faire Shenzhen

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We met lots of  Elecrow Japanese customers face to face during the Maker Faire Shenzhen, and found some interesting projects. It’s really exciting and amazing to see so many customers at one time. I will show you the photos and some simple introduction of the projects.

Part One- Visiting Maker Faire Booth

TAC                                                                                                                                                                     The interactive LED gaming wall is really interesting, we have a lot of fun. And the LED long sward is cool, we fight like a warrior. Toru Takagaki, CEO of TAC told me that he has used our PCB manufacturing service for more than three years.                                                                           Elecrow and TAC members Photo Elecrow Mike and TAC CEO Toru Takagaki Playing with TAC LED gaming WallTAC LED sword

Switch Science                                                                                                                                                I like the instant camera and the free switch science badges. And they developed wonderful Robot kit based on Micro:bit. I can see lots of orders placed by Ohki, and this time I saw him the real person, we talked a lot together.Switch Science Instant camera made with Raspberry Pi Zero Switch Science Microbit interactive Robot Switch Science Microbit Robot Kit

LSI from Junichi Akita                                                                                                                            “LSI (Integrated Circuits) should be a tool for implementation, such as MCU, FPGA, etc… ” If you want to know more, you can to know more.           LSI team LSI used products Make LSI

ikkei Electronics                                                                                                                                           I love the smallest LED badge in the world and bought one, it’s cool to hang it on my bag. I’m familiar with Ikkei projects, we saw him on the last year Maker Faire. We have worked together for several years.

Ikkei and Elecrow David Ikkei Electronics products at Maker Faire Shenzhen Ikki ElectronicsPi-sen Board                                                                                                                                                   Makoto Kado visited our company several times, we mainly work on the PCB assembly business. We are glad to see him again in the Maker Faire booth.Pi-sen board (2) Pi-sen board (1)

Coyote Racer                                                                                                                                                   We propose a whole new way of playing toys by fusing an autonomous robot technology to toy products.                                                                                                                                          We’re developing an intelligent toy platform, which combines a low cost computer and a vision sensor to control autonomous robots. A variety of robots can be built on this platform.          Our first project is called “Coyote Racer”, an autonomous robot race car. Please refer to the demo movies and the technology description pages for more details.”                                               The creator Xiaoyongji can speak fluent Chinese, he said that he learnt Chinese all by himself, really impressive with that.Coyote Project Racer Car

Part Two- Join the Japanese Maker Party

David and I had a lot of fun on 12th Nov, joined in the Japanese maker party in the beer bar near Baishizhou metro station in Shenzhen. We cheers and talked, many of them knew Elecrow, we felt proud of that. Thank you so much for the long-term support.    Elecrow join Japanese maker Party (12) Rakuchaord Elecrow join Japanese maker Party- DIY instrument Conductive Ink from C linkElecrow join Japanese maker Party (2) Elecrow join Japanese maker Party (3) Elecrow join Japanese maker Party (4) Elecrow join Japanese maker Party (5) Elecrow join Japanese maker Party (6) Elecrow join Japanese maker Party (7) Elecrow join Japanese maker Party (8) Elecrow join Japanese maker Party (10) Elecrow join Japanese maker Party (11) Elecrow join Japanese maker Party

Part Three- Visited Elecrow for further Cooperation

Switch Science and Tac members came Elecrow office right after the Maker Faire ended, we introduced the business and information to each other. And We welcome other customers come to our company to discuss how to grow the business together. Switch Science Visited Elecrow Tac visited Elecrow

At last, I’d like to extend my best regards to all of our customers, thanks for your constant support. Elecrow will surely keep up and make progresses in the future.