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Elecrow Intro


Elecrow on-line store, make your making easier. 



Elecrow is an open hardware company based in Shenzhen, China. It sells materials to make your electronics projects

possible. Since then,Elecrow has more than 10K members as our esteemed customers. That includes electronic

engineers or hobbyist, resellers, and tech enthusiasts.



Internal  Advantages:

Convenient shopping, after sales service, technical support, optional delivery, safe payment.

Rich Category, we have thousands of products, and the amount keep rising according to the customers’ demands.

Affordable Price, due to the efficient production capacity, all the products sold on our on-line store are inexpensive.

External Advantages:

Located in Shenzhen, which has the world’s largest electronics market, complete supply chain, powerful manufacturing,

developed global logistic system. And a vast number of funny and exciting products are created every day. We integrate

resources to serve new era of innovation.


Main Business

Product: Microcontroller, Arduino Kit, Sensors, Tools, 3D Printer, Robotics, etc.

 Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi Zero


Service: PCB Prototyping, PCB Assembly, Laser Cutting, Custom Stencil

 PCB Prototyping, PCB Assembly, Acrylic Laser Cutting, Custom Stencil


Solution: Sample, Test, Small Batch, QC, Mass Production, Packaging, Delivery

We help to bring your idea to market.



Maker culture goes viral worldwide. And Maker Faire is the Greatest Show to spread maker culture. It’s a

family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement.

The maker culture is so profound and widespread that the US president Barack Obama proclaim June 17

through June 23, 2016, as National Week of Making. He called upon all Americans to observe this week with 

programs, ceremonies, celebrations, and activities that encourage a new generation of makers and

manufacturers to share their talents, solutions, and skills. And Elecrow is part of the cultural feast which

provides materials and solutions to make fantastic projects happen. As you know, the idea of 3D printing, IoT

and robotics are so fashion and cool. Elecrow can make the virtual concept concrete by offering 3D

printers, ESP8266 boards, robotics kit, desktop machine tools and other components. Elecrow resources, in

combination with freely available tutorials, growing networks of maker enthusiasts and crowd-funding

platforms are enabling you to design and build almost anything.


what customers say about elecrow?

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          elecrow twitter review

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 elecrow reddit review

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     "I have been asked a few times about where I make all of my PCBs and boards. So I thought I should

       share that experience here, which is what this blog post is about....My biggest advantage of

        switching to Elecrow is they are able to source components for my boards at reasonable prices."

     youtube video review



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