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Crowbits-Digital Light Sensor

Crowbits-Barometer Sensor

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What is Crowbits-Barometer Sensor?

The barometer sensor is an instrument used to measure the absolute pressure of the gas. It is mainly suitable for physical experiments related to gas pressure, such as gas law, etc. It can also measure dry, non-corrosive gas pressure in biological and chemical experiments.



How does it work?

The barometer sensor usually uses MEMS technology to construct a micron-level mechanical structure on millimeter-level silicon material. This mechanical structure will deform differently with the change of the external air pressure, and the electrical characteristics of the resistance or capacitance attached to the mechanical structure will also change accordingly. The circuit ( ASIC ) of the barometer will convert the resistance or capacitance value to know the current corresponding atmospheric pressure value.



How to use it?

Connect the barometer sensor module to the I2C ( A4, A5 ) port of UNO. Copy the relevant library files to the libraries folder. Download the test program to the U NO master control. Open the serial port and view the pressure information on the serial monitor.




Interface Type: I2C

Operating Voltage: 3.3V DC

Dimensions: 31.5(L)*24.5(W)*13(H)mm



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