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What is Crowbits-NFC?

Near field communication (referred to as NFC), is a new technique, that allows devices (such as mobile phones) using NFC technology to exchange data close to each other. 



How does it work?

NFC is a short-range high-frequency radio technology. The NFCIP-1 standard stipulates that the communication distance of NFC is within 10 cm, the operating frequency is 13.56MHz, and the transmission speed is 106Kbit/s, 212Kbit/s or 424Kbit/s. The NFCIP-1 standard specifies the transmission speed, codec method, modulation scheme and frame format of rf interface of NFC equipment in detail. It also defines the TRANSMISSION protocol of NFC, including startup protocol and data exchange method.

NFC working mode is divided into passive mode and active mode. In passive mode, the NFC initiating device ( also called the master device ) needs a power supply device. The master device uses the power of the power supply device to provide the RF field and sends the data to the NFC target device ( also called the slave device ) . The transmission rate should be one of 106kbps, 212kbps or 424kbps. The slave device does not generate an RF field, so it does not need a power supply device. Instead, they use the RF field generated by the master device to convert it into electricity, power the circuit of the slave device, receive the data sent by the master device, and transmit it back to the master at the same speed using load modulation. Because the slave device does not generate an RF field in this working mode, passively receives the RF field generated by the master device, it is called a passive mode. In this mode, the NFC master device can detect a contactless card or NFC target device and establish a connection with it. 

In the active mode, both the master device and the target device must actively generate the RF field when sending data to each other, so they are called the active mode. They both require power supply equipment to provide energy to generate the RF field. This communication mode is a standard mode of peer-to-peer network communication, which and achieve a very fast connection rate.



How to use it?

Connect the NFC module with the antenna to the Arduino module I2C ( A4, A5 ) port. Copy the relevant library files to the libraries folder. Download the test program to the UNO master control. Open the serial port, put the NFC card close to the black antenna, and check the information of the NFC card on the serial monitor.




Interface Type: I2C

Operating Voltage: 3.3V DC

Dimensions: 56(L)*31(W)*13(H)mm



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