Crowbits-IR Temperature Sensor

Crowbits-IR Temperature Sensor

Crowbits-CurrentPower Sensor

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What is the Crowbits-CurrentPower Sensor?

The Crowbits-CurrentPower Sensor can detect the magnitude of the current in the circuit. By detecting the magnitude of the current, you can learn about the power consumption of the circuit, the power of other meta-electronic devices and so on.



How does it work?

In the main loop of the circuit under test, a power resistor is connected in series. The upper end of the resistor is connected to the VIN+ of the module, and the lower end of the resistor is connected to the VIN- of the module. A differential input detection is made and sent to INA219BIDCNT for difference calculation. When the measured current flows through the circuit, since the power resistor is connected in the circuit, then the power at both ends of the resistor will produce a pressure drop. According to U = I * R, P = U * I = I * I * R, the current at present in the circuit can be calculated, the module then amplifies the current value and converts it into the corresponding data for output by IIC. 



How to use it?

In a complete electrical circuit in the access into the power management module, the current value detected by the IC output.





Interface Type: I2C

Measuring voltage range: DC 0-26V

Operating Voltage: 3.3V DC

Dimensions: 31.5(L)*24.5(W)*13(H)mm



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