Crowtail- LED Matrix 2.0

Crowtail- LED Matrix 2.0

OLED Display

Crowtail- 1.3 Inch OLED

Crowtail- Bright LED 2.0

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Crowtail bright LED is a bright LED light with high brightness and large angle. Then its’ low termal resistance can be applied to indoor lighting, commercial lighting.
It can provide a strong light source for your project, lighting, or so on.


  • LED control mode is digital pin of Arduino.
  • Can provide a strong light source for your project, lighting and etc.


  • Operating voltage: 5 V
  • Operating current: 20 mA (max)
  • Supply mode: Crowtail interface
  • LED control mode: digital pin of Arduino
  • Dimensions(mm):20.0(L)x20.0(W)x9.8(H)

Package list

  • Crowtail- Bright LED x 1
  • 4 Pin Crowtail Cable x1

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