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Mechanical Service


Elecrow mechanical prototyping service is to help you make formed product. We can help to design suitable enclosure for your hardware. Our structure solution can be the last step to make a commercial product if you want to break into the consumer electronics market. Here are our main structure solutions.

1. Molding, it’s only used for plastic volume production

2. 3D Printing Service, it’s perfect for stereo sample fabricating and testing

3. Laser Cutting Service, it’s powerful to process plane and precise outline

4. CNC Milling Service, it’s really capable to produce complicated parts

5. CNC Turning Service, it’s only available for some cylindrical shape manufacturing

6. Assembly„ÄĀSub-Assembly& Kitting Service, we provide one-stop processing service to help you make the final product.

For these special requirements or know more details, please contact service@elecrow.com