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Molding Service

Model : SSE00101M

Initial Weight : 0.00g


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Injection molding is a tool used for producing plasthetics,and that enables the plasthetics complete structure and precise dimension. The advantage of injection molding is fast production and high-efficiency, automatic operation, can handle various of forms and sizes of products. Injection molding is applicable for mass production and forming machining of complex-shaped products.

Reference and Specification

  • Mould surface treatment: Ordinary, texture, mirror, sandblasting, electroplating, etc.
  • Common forming materials:ABS、PP、PVC、PC、PA、PE、POM、PS, etc.
  • Quotation: please contact service@elecrow.com to know more, we will offer you quotes asap after requests received. Mould manufacturing is a precision process, the normal quotation time is 1-2 days in the exception of special situations
  • Quality & Lead time: Elecrow makes the commitment that carefully and efficiently process every set of mould complying fully with customers’ requirements. The developing time of molds usually takes 25-35 days, which is finally determined by the products’ complexity.
  • Mould maintenance: For anything unusual,please feel free to contact Elecrow anytime, we will arrange the dedicated staff to follow and resolve your case.
  • Company commitment: Provide the best quality and service, satisfied lead time and after-sales for customers at the best price.

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