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CNC Turning Service

5pcs Wood Laser Cutting Service

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Laser cutting is a process of using a powerful laser to cut or engrave varieties of materials like wood, acrylic and so on. Laser cutting is a great choice for making high effective, high precise projects. Wooden jewelry, signs, bookmarks, stitching toys can be created using laser cutting.
There are three ways laser cutter works, cutting, engraving, and etching.
In the design file, the default line color of cutting is black. The laser cuts the wood follows the black lines in the file, it will cut every black line. So please don’t overlap, mask them or hide them under another object, otherwise, they will be found and cut. The minimum spacing between two objects is 3mm, the cutting tolerance is around -0.2mm, the maximum dimension we can cut is 900x600mm.
The second-way laser cutter works is raster etching, the default line color of raster etching in the design file is green. The laser cutter goes back and forth across the wood to create the image.
The default line color of vector etching is red in the design file, the laser cutter will etch a continuous thin line on the wood.


  • Only laser cutting quote online is available, for engraving, etching, please contact for inquiry
  • Please use “mm” as the unit in your design, and note the dimension in the file.
  • Only .eps .dxf .pdf .dwg .CDR file format are acceptable.
  • Please contact for inquiry if you need a special thickness, the thickness tolerance is around -0.2mm.
  • The color is burlywood, there will be a little color difference, which is uncontrollable.
  • Click freepatternsarea to get free patterns.
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