NCH6300HV Nixie HV Power Module DC-DC booster.Nixie Power Supply

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The NCH6300HV high voltage DC DC power booster is a miniature step-up DC-DC converter with high efficiency and low heat generation, operating from 3.7 to 15Vdc input with an output of 100v to 230vdc, adjustable by a precise potentiometer onboard. It's designed mainly for Nixie tubes, VFD tubes and Magic eye etc. The imput can be as low as 3.7v, suitable for applications using Lithium battery or USB port as the power supply. The module can be completely shut off by controlling the SHDN pin, for better safety and maximum energy conservation. The pin pitch is 0.1",therefore compatible with standard perforated boards and breadboards. PCB terminals and pin headers are provided.

Module Dimension: 1.8in x 1.2in x 0.6in (45mm x 30mm x 15.6mm)
DC Input: 3.7-15V
DC Output: 100-230V (100mA max @170V)
Mounting Holes: none
The 3-pin connector pin definition (DC Input):
Orange: DC Input, 3.7-15V
White: Enable (Output will be DISABLED if this pin is NOT connected or connected to GND. Can be controlled with an I/O pin of an MCU)
Grey: Ground

The 2-pin connector pin definition (DC Output):
Orange: DC Output, 100-230V
Grey: Ground

‣ Note: Either the mounting pins or the wire terminals can be soldered on to the power supply module based on your needs. Not both.

Omnixie is a company focus on design and make clocks using rare Nixie/VFD tubes combined with premium quality PCB, electronics parts, and customized enclosures made from wood, acrylic and stainless steel. Our clocks are feature-rich, including UTC time, GPS, remote and more.
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