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DeskHop-Fast Desktop Switching

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【DeskHop】Completely open source, no noticeable delay when switching

【Easy to use】No need to install software, easy to use

【Wide compatibility】Applicable to Linux, macOS and Windows


DeskHop is a desktop switching device to control two computers with a single keyboard/mouse. What's different about this project is the ability to seamlessly switch between the two computers, simply by dragging the mouse from one desktop to the other. It supports all three major operating systems, there is no software installed on either device and it's designed with security and safety in mind.

The circuit is based on two Raspberry Pi Pico boards, chosen because they are cheap and readily available. The Picos are connected using UART and separated by a dual-channel digital isolator, TI ISO7721DR.

The case is 3d printed, without any screws and relies on a snap-fit system to both hold the PCB firmly inside the case, and hold the lid tightly sealed.

All of the schematics, gerbers, case stl, source code, binaries and documentation can be found on the project's homepage (https://github.com/hrvach/deskhop)

deskhop-assembled pcb

dekshop-PCB and acrylic case

deskhop case assembled

deskhop demo


  • Completely free and open-source
  • No noticeable delay when switching
  • Simply drag the mouse pointer between computers
  • No software installed
  • 3D printable snap-fit case
  • Full Galvanic isolation between your outputs
  • Works with Linux, macOS and Windows


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  • 1x DeskHop-Fast Desktop Switching


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