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  • PCB Cost
  • Assembly Cost
  • Components Cost
  • Stencil Cost
  • Project manager will give the quotation within 1 working day after you submitted enquire.


PCB Types For Assembly
  • FR4 Rigid Board
  • Aluminum Board
  • Flexible Board
  • Rigid - Flex Board
Part Sourcing
  • Customer offers all parts(No handing fee)
  • Turn-key: All parts sourced by Elecrow
  • Combo: Partial parts offered by Customer and Elecrow sourcing the rest
Assembly Options
  • SMT assembly: BGA, QFN, QFP, SOIC, PLCC, PoP, 0805, 0603, 0402, 0201
  • Through hole assembly
  • Single&Double sides assembly
  • Sub-assembly
Solding Types
  • Lead free/ROHS compliant soldering only
  • Hand soldering
  • Reflow soldering
  • Wave soldering
Quality Control
Order Processing Ability
  • Minimum Order: 1pcs
  • General lead time: 3 weeks (Exact lead time will be given by the project manager)
  • Within 24 hours response after receiving RFQ
  • Dedicated project manager for every customer
Part sourcing of the turn-key solution
  • Digikey/Mouser/TME/Element 14
  • Local electronic market

How to charge

PCBA Quotation = PCB Cost + Stencil Cost + Components Cost + Assembly Cost + Flashing/Testing Cost.

1. PCB Cost: The price is according to the PCB layer, dimension, quantity, pads finish and your other requirements.

2. Stencil Cost: The stencil is used for the soldering of SMD components. we will use the best stencil type for you accroding to the project. Please also note Elecrow will keep the stenil for three months and it won't be shipped with the assembled boards without extra requirement.

3. Component Cost: This cost is for the components provided by Elecrow. The quotation sheet given by the project manager will include exact quote for each kind of part, and it's up to you which parts to be provided by us and which parts not.

4. Assembly Cost: The price is affected by many factors such as the number of SMT pads, the number of THT pads, and the quantity of the boards.

5. Flashing/Testing Cost: According to the consumption of time, testing jig, and the necessary equipment for the project. We will send you a detailed quotation sheet with above costs after receiving your RFQ and necessary files.The final price depends on the quotation sheet sent by the project manager.

What information you need to offer

Please upload all the following information to our website
1. PCB Gerber files.
2. BOM of your project.
3. Quantity and PCB specification.
4. Parts mapping for soldering with parts machine, or a simple mapping for hand soldering.
5. Coordinate file for machine pick up parts.
6. Your specific requirements, or some tips you want to share with us to avoid mistakes.
7. Testing Plan.
8. Your shipping address and shipping method you want, DHL/FedEx/OCS/registered air mail supported.
You can download >> The template for necessary files

Production Process

  • elecrow 1.Incoming-Quality-Control
  • elecrow 2.Tin-Paste-Mixing
  • elecrow 3.Full-Automatic-Solder-Paste-Printer
  • elecrow 4.Solder_Paste_Inspection
  • elecrow 5.SMT
  • elecrow 6.Reflow-Welding
  • elecrow 7.AOI-testing
  • elecrow 8.Manual-DIP
  • elecrow 9.Wave-Soldering
  • elecrow 10.Manual-Welding
  • elecrow 11.Visual-Inspection
  • elecrow 12.Testing
  • elecrow 13.Automatic-Dispensing
  • elecrow 14.Packing
Item Information
Quality Control The quality of the PCBA is our core concern, Elecrow has a mature system such as ISO9001 certified procedure, and various testing methods to ensure manufacturing your PCBA with high quality.
Lead Time Lead time=PCB manufacturing time + Part preparing time + Assembly time + Flashing&Testing time + Packing time
Generally speaking, we will prepare the parts when manufacturing the PCB. If all parts can be sourced from our local market, the parts will be ready within 7-14 days; if some parts have to be imported from Mouser/digikey/Element14, the preparation of parts will take 10-21 days, but the final preparing time will depend on when the last part is in place. We will start assembling your order within 8-48 hours if all necessary files and the parts are ready.
Parts Offering all the parts for the PCBA from yourself are recommended. In this case, please send us all the components with BOM file and detailed packing list indicating item number, manufacturer’s part number and quantity in kit. Please contact with your project manager before you shipping the parts to us, the project manager will send you detailed notes.
For turn-key part sourcing service, We help sourcing the components from our local reliable suppliers, and guarantee 100% reponsible for the quality of the components, this service can decrease your costs prominently and shorten the lead time. And as stated above, you can also choose which parts to be sourced from our local suppliers and which parts must be from Mouser/Digikey/Element14/ by making a remark in the Bom sheet with Y or N.
Functional testing Functional testing can make a great help for lowering the defective rate of the PCBA. Due to the complexity of PCBA production, it's impossible for any machine to have no defectives, especially for prototyping and small batch production. While we can detect and prevent the defectives flowing out through functional testing, it is strongly recommended for your PCBA project. Furthermore, we offer free functional testing service for orders over $2000 and the testing time is no more than 1 minnute for each unit. With the testing, you can receive 100% QC passed boards, that will save you a lot of time and money. For some projects, testing plan is necessary.
Package & Shipping All PCBAs will be packed with ESD bag/ESD foam to prevent possible static damage, and quality carton boxes will be used to protect your PCBAs during shipping. Also, you can inform us of your packing requirements.
PCB & Stencil Elecrow project manager will check the gerber files and your required specifications for the quoting. The default specification would be 1.6mm thickness/hasl/green. Please check this as you receive the quotation and notify us if you need to alter the specification.
A stencil is used for the SMD components soldering, with the stencil, the SMD components would be easy to solder, and it will be kept in our company for 3 months. Please note that it won't be shipped with the assembled boards without extra requirement.
Coordinate file Coordinate file is necessary for machine assembly, it describes the position and orientation of all the surface mount parts, which includes the reference designator, X and Y position, rotation and side of Board (Top or Bottom).Please click here to know how to generate a coordinate file.
Parts Overage Proper SMT machine setup and operation requires parts overages, Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes (0603, 0805, 1206, 2225, SOT, SOD, MELF - packages) require a minimum of 50 pieces and have to exceed the required quantity by 30 pieces.
Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes (0201, 0402, miniMelf, miniature packages) require a minimum of 100 pieces have to exceed the required quantity by 50 pieces.
A small number of excess(1-5 pieces based on the total quantity of assemblies) is requested for expensive parts such as IC, BGA, QFP, Connectors, etc., this will ensure smooth assembling and punctual shipping of your PCBA. If you have any question or doubt, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Panelization PCB Panelization will make a great help for assembly and testing, so we will panelize your boards acquiescently if you don't have other requirements, the stencil will match to the panelized PCB.
Back Order managenent Elecrow has a mature solution to manage your back order so as to ensure the correctness and the quality same with previous batchs manufactured in Elecrow.
BOM BOM(billing of materials) shows what parts are needed to assemble the boards, and where these parts should be placed and assembled. We accept the BOM in the format of .xls, xlsx or .csv. Please settle your BOM according to our template, it is very important, a clear BOM can avoid many possible mistakes during assembly.
Customer satisfaction We cherish every relationship with customers, and making every customer satisfy with our services is our goal. Elecrow is 100% responsible for the mistakes/faults in the production. If there is indeed some problems in our production resulting in your lost, you can contact your project manager or to request re-make or even refund.
We are glad to hear your suggestions/complains if not satisfied, and we appreciate your recommendations to your friends with your satisfaction.

PCB Assembly FAQ

Q: Security

Elecrow promises not to disclose any design/manufacture files and information about your project, your related designs are safe in Elecrow. We can assign NDA with you to ensure the safety of your project.

Q: For the turn-key part sourcing solution,will all components be sourced from your local market? What will you do if the parts used in the PCBA are fake?

We will get the parts from mouser/digikey/element14/local electronic market, you can indicate which parts should be sourced from which market. And we take 100% responsibility for components' quality problem.

Q: Can Elecrow help buy parts from specified supplier by customer? And does Elecrow accept the components shipped from other Chinese suppliers for production?

Yes, we can help you to buy parts from the specified supplier, or you can pay for the supplier and ask them to ship the components to us, but we will chrage you if cause any extra cost such as the taxes, currency exchange loss or the handling fee.

Q: Why need a testing plan for customer?

Normally the testing plan is recommended for the turn-key service( from PCB fabricating, part sourcing to PCB assembly). As we mentioned above it is a complex work that possibly encounters errors/faults, the functional testing as the last checkpoint for the quality control, it can detect the most of defects and ensure the quality of PCBA before shipping out the assembled boards.

Q: Does each component have exact price in the quotation sheet?

Yes, The quotation sheet we send you will clearly list the exact price for each component.

Q: Is your assembly ROHS compliant?

Yes, we only accept lead free PCBA order, all production materials are lead free.

Q: what should be noted if customer offers the parts for assembly?

Please inform your project manager before you ship the parts to us, we will send you our address and the shipping tips which can help you avoid many possible custom problems.

Q: Why need a coordinate file?

Coordinate file is necessary for the picket place machine, it describes the position and orientation of all the surface mount parts, picket place machine needs it to pick the right part and place to a right position, you can export the coordinate file from your schematic design software easily.

Q: What can I do if find defects or problems after I receive your assembly boards?

Please contact your project manager directly or send the email to, we will give you a report and solution after making an internal investigation and analysis for the defective boards. Elecrow attaches great importance to customer satisfaction, if the mistake/fault is caused by our side, we will be 100% responsible for it.

Q: What is the ISO9001 certification?

ISO 9001:2015 sets out the criteria for a quality management system and is the only standard in the family that can be certified to. This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. Using ISO 9001:2015 helps ensure that customers get consistent, good quality products and services.

Q: Do you offer rush service for PCB assembly?

The main factor affecting the delivery time of PCBA orders is components. It takes 1-2 weeks for all components to return to our warehouse. If your delivery date is urgent, you can tell your project manager that we will speed up the progress of your project without charging any extra fee.

Q: Except the PCBA service, does Elecrow offer other services to help me bring the idea to a real product?

Yes, We offer one-stop services for you to bring your design to product, please see other services here.
Step1 Upload BOM File

1. Firstly enter the PCBA quantity.

● For inquiries not more than 20 pieces, you can get an instant quote and check out directly online. Note: When the price of some materials cannot be obtained online, manual quotation is required.

● For inquiries of more than 20 pieces, manual quotation is required.

2. Upload bill of materials(BOM) according to the provided template format. Please note that only CSV,XLS or XLSX are accepted.

Step2 Get Assembly Cost

1. After uploading the BOM, you will get an assembly quotation.

2. Please select your country and shipping method to get shipping fee.

Step3 Upload PCBA Files

1. We provide 100% visual inspection Free. If you have other files like assembly instruction, function test plan, mechanical design file etc, please compress these files into a rar or zip file and then upload.

2. Please leave the project manager’s name and other inquiry requirements in the message box.

Step4 Fill out the PCB parameters

1. Please upload the Gerber file. Please note that Only ZIP/RAR files are accepted. The maximum size is 20MB.

2. Fill out the PCB parameters.

Step5 Add To Cart/Get a Quotation

Add To Cart

1.When the button shows “Add To Cart”, it means you can place an order directly without manual quotation.

2.We will process your order within 1 business day after you check out.

Get A Quotation

1. When the button shows “Get A Quotation”, it means manual quotation is required.

2. After submission, we will response and upload the quotation within 1 business day.

You can view the quotation and real-time progress of the PCBA order in the service orders list.