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Volvo XC70 V70 side marker

Third Brake LED Bar for BMW Z3 Roadster '96-'99

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Third Brake LED Bar for BMW Z3 Roadster '96-'99


This is a third brake LED light for BMW Z3 Roadster 1996-1999 (pre-facelift). This part is a replacement for original PCB with bulbs.

Help yourself and find the replacement instructions on the internet. Check if there is no sign of water leakage. Moisture can damage LED bar. Also check if wires are in good shape, connector has no visible sign of oxidation.

In order to test LED bar while it's not installed in vehicle - simply place 9V (6F22 or similar) battery to a connector soldering spots. LED bar is reverse polarity protected, so you can try to attach 9V battery in both ways.

Keep in mind that LED bar light intensity may be a bit lower than original bulbs.

Original bulbs consumes around 35W while LED bar consumes only 1.2W to 1.5W and produces just a fraction amount of heat in comparison to bulbs and prevents the reflector from melting.

All LED bars are fully tested before shipment.


Package contains:

  • 1x of LED board;

LED bar operating conditions: Temperature: -30°C to +40°C. Operating voltage: 10V to 15V.

WARNING: LED bar is an ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive device. Incorrect installation of LED bar can lead to the damage of your vehicle electronics. You are taking full responsibility by installing and using this device.


Due to possible updates LED bar may look different than showed in the pictures, but the main function remains the same.


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