3.5inch 480x320 MCU SPI Serial TFT LCD Module Display

3.5inch 480x320 MCU SPI Serial TFT LCD Module Display

wt32-sc 01

ESP32 Development Board - WT32-SC01 with 3.5in 320x480 Multi-Touch capactive Screen, support Bluetooth & WiFi

2.2inch TFT LCD Color Screen Display Module 240X320 Serial Port

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【2.2-inch color screen】Supports 65K color display, rich display colors, 320X240 resolution, clear display

【Easy to use】Using SPI serial bus, only a few IOs are needed to light up the display

【SD card slot】Experiments can be easily expanded through the SD card slot

【Stable work for a long time】


This 2.2-inch LCD module with a resolution of 240X320. It only requires 5 IOs to lighten the display or a direct hardware serial peripheral interface that can be driven. LCD color screen display has SMT reflow and industrial control quality, which can work stably for a long time.

2.2 inch display


  • 2.2-inch color screen, support 65K color display, display rich colors

  • 320X240 resolution, clear display

  • Using the SPI serial bus, it only takes a few IOs to illuminate the display

  • Easy to expand the experiment with an SD card slot

  • Provide a rich sample program

  • Military-grade process standards, long-term stable work

  • Provide underlying driver technical support


Name Parameter
Display Color RGB 65K color
Screen Size  2.2(inch)
Type TFT
Driver IC ILI9341
Resolution 320*240 (Pixel)
Module Interface 4-wire SPI interface
Active Area (AA area) 33.84x45.12(mm)
Module PCB Size 40.10x67.20(mm)
Operating Temperature -20℃~60℃
Storage Temperature -30℃~70℃
VCC power voltage 3.3V~5V
Logic IO port voltage 3.3V(TTL)
Power Consumption TBD
Rough Weight(Package containing) 22(g)

 Interface Detail:

Number Pin Label Description
1 VCC 5V/3.3V power input
2 GND Ground
3 CS LCD chip select signal, low level enable
4 RESET LCD reset signal, low level reset
5 DC/RS LCD register / data selection signal,

high level: register, low level: data

6 SDI/MOSI SPI bus write data signal
7 SCK SPI bus clock signal
8 LED Backlight control, high level lighting,

if not controlled, connect 3.3V always bright

9 SDO/MISO SPI bus read data signal, if you do not need the read function, you can not connect it


Package list

  • 1* 2.2inch TFT LCD Color Screen Display


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