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Elecrow RC050 5 inch 800 x 480 Capacitive Touch LCD Display for Raspberry Pi/ PC/ SONY PS4

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【5 inch Dispaly】5 inch small portable monitor with 800x480 mini LCD screen.

【Capacitive touch】USB capacitive touch control, driver-free, plug and play.

【OSD Menu】Built-in OSD menu adjustment function (adjustable contrast/brightness/saturation, etc.) supports audio output.

【Raspberry Pi Screen】Can be used as Pi screen, works with Raspberry Pi 5, 4, 3 B+, BB Black, Banana Pi, Jetson Nano and other mainstream mini PCs.

Buy the upgraded QLED 5.0-inch version, click here.


The resolution of the LCD display is 800 x 480, you can configure the resolution via software, and the maximum resolution it supports is 1920 x 1080. It is a USB capacitive touch screen and does not require a driver. It supports five touch controls, besides that, the LCD screen comes with an OSD menu adjustment function. You can adjust the contrast, brightness, and switch buttons. There are 9 interfaces on the back of the screen, one earphone for audio output; two touch interfaces (USB connector) for power supply and touch output; and one display, an HDMI-compatible interface, for connecting the motherboard and LCD display. One power, it can control the backlight to turn on and turn off to save power. One return button is only useful in the OSD menu. One right/down, backlight shortcut key. One left/up, backlight shortcut key. A menu is useful in the OSD setting menu, open the OSD/ select key.

OEM customization requests can be discussed for projects. 

5inch capacitive LCD display for Raspberry pi

5 inch small display connects with Raspberry Pi

5 inch Raspberry Pi display interface overview

*When working with Raspberry Pi 4, for the system image of Raspberry Pi after 2021-10-30, for example on Bullseye, please modify "dtoverlay = vc4-kms-v3d" to "dtoverlay = vc4-fkms-v3d" in the config file, otherwise it may fail to start. But on Buster, please comment out "dtoverlay = vc4-fkms-V3D" by adding #.


  • USB capacitive touch control.

  • Support HDMI-compatible audio output.

  • CE, ROHS certification.

  • Free drive.

  • Ultra-low power consumption backlight.


  • Model: RC050

  • Size: 5 inch

  • Resolution: 800 x 480

  • Touch: 5 points capacitive touch

  • Refresh rate: 60HZ

  • Dimension: 121 x 95 x 13 mm

  • Screen Size: 108 x 66 mm

Package list

  • 5 inch HD Display x 1

  • HDMI-compatible cable x 1

  • Micro USB cable x 1

  • DVD x 1

  • Micro-HDMI-compatible to HDMI-compatible Adapter x 1

  • Copper screw bag x 1

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