Elecrow provides PCB prototyping, PCB assembly and one-stop electronics sourcing service


Elecrow on-line store, make your making easier. 



Elecrow is devoted in open source hardware industry.

And we run an on-line store selling open source hardware products which related to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D pringting and other electronic components, offering STEAM related products to China and oversea

makers, providing one-stop OEM/ODM solution from original prototyping to batch manufacturing ( circuit design, PCB prototyping, components sourcing, PCB assembly, testing, packaging, shipping).

With these products and service, Elecrow helps makers or startups bring ideas to life, assist enterprises to cope with supply chain job which makes them reduce cost and concentrate on development and marketing.



Internal  Advantages:

Convenient shopping, after sales service, technical support, optional delivery, safe payment.

Rich Category, we have thousands of products, and the amount keep rising according to the customers’ demands.

Affordable Price, due to the efficient production capacity, all the products sold on our on-line store are inexpensive.

External Advantages:

Industry is located in a city which has the world’s largest electronics market, complete supply chain, powerful manufacturing, developed global logistic system.

And a vast number of funny and exciting products are created every day. We integrate resources to serve new era of innovation.


Main Business

PCB Assembly (component sourcing, turnkey solution for kickstarter), reach service@elecrow.com for quotation

Elecrow provide component sourcing, pcb assembly service


PCB Prototyping (bare PCB, PCB fabrication, fusion PCB)

Elecrow provides low cost bare PCB printing service


One-stop Electronics Bazaar (Crowduino, Arduino Compatible products, Raspberry Pi Accessories, IoT Modules, Sensors, Robotics, STEAM kit, tools for electronic engineers, LED dot Matrix, Neopixel, etc. )


what customers say about elecrow?

Blog Review

PCB ASSEMBLY AT ELECROW by Raj Bhatt from embedded-lab.com

"I have been asked a few times about where I make all of my PCBs and boards. So I thought I should share that experience here, which is what this blog post is about....My biggest advantage of switching to

Elecrow is they are able to source components for my boards at reasonable prices."


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Youtube video review from Hayri



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