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*Unit: mm
        Acrylic Orders
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          100.01mm * 100.01mm
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          Transparent (000)
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          2-4 working days
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        Color Details


        Laser cutting is an additional service of Elecrow since last October, which is ideal for making custom parts quickly and economically for any project. We adopt the accurate technology and try our best to ensure the quality of the products. The laser cutting service can provide you with various Acrylic colors which include transparent, black, purple, white, blue, green, red and yellow, etc.

        The specific parameters of the color please reference our details. The thickness of the full transparent Acrylic can be 2-50mm and about 3.0-5.0mm with the others colorful boards. There will be 0.15mm-0.2mm tolerance for the materials of different color. In addition, you can select the unique technology to make your products looks different that is graving some logos, bending angle of 45 and 90 degrees or Arc bending, bevel, buffing, channeling, punching, tapping, and painted, etc.

        Besides, you can design your favorite Acrylic products that upload your files to our website or custom dozes of Acrylic products with this service.

        We also provide wood laser cutting service, click on this wood laser cutting service page to know more.


        1.Only laser cutting quote online is available, for engraving, etching, please contact for inquiry.

        2.For easily making, please use "mm" as the unit of your design. And the CAD,CDR,AI or PDF file format is acceptable.

        3.Different software will make the dimension look different, in order to minimize the error, please mark the outline dimension in your design or use a txt file in the zip file to let us know the correct dimension.

        Process Description:

        No.1 Laser cutting, it can cut too complex graphics, such as polygon and so on.

        No.2 Graving, which includes Yin carving and carving that adopting the new laser and light projections technology.

        No.3 Bending, an angle of 45 or 90 degrees. Full angle of science bent, durable and beautiful.

        No.4 Arc Bending, which is a fast and convenient technology about professional profile bending.

        No.5 Chamfering of edge, it can produce the smooth edge and will not hurt your hand.

        No.6 Buffing that made the product like diamond and the technical definition is as high as 95% above.

        No.7 Bonding and Molding that is waterproof seamless combined bending.

        No.8 Punching, we can open side hole, inclined hole, countersunk head blind hole and don’t leaned accurately.

        No.9 Tapping, which is a Professional and stable technology, highly accurate and has the clear thread.

        No.10 Channeling is that made a groove milling machine clean level, beautiful appearance.

        No.11 Silk-screen or Print, which is color printing and the products are carved milling material color.

        No.12 Painted Using the grind arenaceous black spray paint, after four working procedures and not easy to fade durable.