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Digital MEMS Microphone

Eurorack Prototyping 4HP 5-hole Front Panel

Eurorack Prototyping 4HP 5-hole Front Panel

Ciel&Lune Lighting Composer Kit

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Ciel&Lune Lighting composer kit


cl_top  Ciel&Lune Lighting composer kit


  Two-color control with original HSV dimming chip 
  6 high Luminous RGB-LED on the LED board
  LED Drive current & power-supply 12VDC/2A max

Package list

 * base board x 1
 * LED board x 1
 * 2P DIP-SW x1
 * DC-Jack x 1
 * connecters (pin headers & pin sockets)


 * True HSV dimming that cannot be captured in photos or videos.
 * To expand a color gamut more than a general RGB dimming.
 * Accurate color specification with Ostwald system.
 * Color auto selection based on Moon&Spencer harmony theory.
 * Record sequences in chip to light up selected colors.
 * Daisy-chain multiple units and the lighting is synchronized.

Wiki & External Links

 Two colors that light up on the LED board block off with a black partition plate to prevent color mixing. For accurate color, always use a lighting dome and avoid looking directly at it.
 Control software requires .NET 8 environment and serial communication. The SCORE  function is disabled in the FREE version.

  Control soft download Remore free version
  Documect ExhibisionMaterials

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Beautifully lit RGB LED with original dimming method