deej Volume Mixer PCB Board V2

deej Volume Mixer PCB Board V2

Sunny Surprise Soldering Kit

Sunny Surprise Soldering Kit

Digital MEMS Microphone

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The breakout board with Digital MEMS Microphone, SPH0641LU4H from Knowles.


This is a breakout board with digital MEMS microphone ,  SPH0641LU4H-1 from Knowles.

The pin spacing is 2.54mm. It is possible to catch the sound from audible to ultrasonic wave (100Hz to 80kHz) with high sensitivity. It can be used for ultrasonic sensors and ultrasonic communication.

Using the DFSDM module (Digital Filter for Sigma-Delta Modulators), which is installed only in STMicroelectronics' STM32L4 series, it is possible to easily receive and process the PDM input of a digital microphone like AD conversion. Click here for a usage example on the board STM32L476RGT6.


  • The microphone hole is the circled part on the back of the board
  • The pcb size: 15mm x20mm.
  • The hole position: M3 x2, 10mm pitch.
  • Power: 1.62~3.6V, PDM Output.

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  • Digital MEMS Microphone Board x 1

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