Eurorack prototyping 4HP 5-hole Front Panel

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Build your own module!


The 4HP 5-hole Front Panel is the ideal solution for creating a professional looking module for your Eurorack Synthesizer.

The 5 pre-drilled holes are compatible with the Eurorack Stripboard/Protoboard PCB.

You can place up to 5 potentiometers or 5 jack connectors on the dedicated locations.

The hole diameters are 8 mm, which is perfect for Cliff S6/BB jack connectors.

The potentiometers can be any of 9 or 16 mm types, Alpha PKN160 for example. Even if they’re 7 mm diameter, they fit nicely with the use of washers that are usually included with each potentiometer.

The Front panel is made of 1.6 mm thick high quality PCB material. The surface is textured.


The Front panel is 125.4 mm high (3U) and 20 mm wide (4HP).

Distance between each hole is 20.32 mm.

Eurorack front panel sketch

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