Crowbits-2G Module

Crowbits-2G Module

Crowbits-Digital Display

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What is Crowbits-Digital Display?

Crowbits-Digital Display is composed of four 7- segment digital tubes. Each 7- segment digital tube can display a number. It can display all the parameters that can be expressed by numbers, such as time, date, and temperature. The module has an LED driver chip TM1650, which can communicate through the I2C interface. When the module receives data, it is encoded by TM1650 and sent to the digital display. 



How does it work?

Through the IIC interface, the data is sent to the module. The TM1650 on the module is integrated with a special LED drive circuit, which is divided into 8 segments × 4 bits and 7 segments × 4 bits. When the TM1650 receives the data transmitted by IIC, after TM1650 encoding, it is sent to digital and then display.



How to use it?

You can send data to the 7- segment digital tube to display what you want to display, such as the measured temperature value, display time, etc.




Interface Type:I2C

Operating Voltage: 3.3V DC

Dimensions: 56(L)*31(W)*13(H)mm



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