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Crowbits-2G Module

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What is Crowbits-2G Module?

Crowbits-2G Module is composed of the GSM module and has all the basic functions of communication based on the GSM network such as sending SMS messages, voice calls, and GPRS data transmission. Simply speaking, the GSM module is a mobile phone if combine with a keyboard, display and battery. You can use it to send and receive SMS, call in and out.



How does it work?

Through the button panel, press the number you want to call out, and transmit it to the 2G module through the IIC interface. After the 2G module recognizes the number, it sends the number to the signal tower (base station) through the antenna. Through the base station - satellite - base station, the phone that is finally dialed will receive an instruction to perform 2G signal communication, and the principle of sending text messages is the same.



How to use it?

Connect with the Crowbits-Keyboard and Crowbits-Power Supply(Medium) to form a mobile phone, which can send text messages or make calls.





Interface Type: UART

Operating Voltage: 3.3V DC

Dimensions: 56(L)*31(W)*13(H)mm



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