Crowbits-Laser Ranging Sensor

Crowbits-Laser Ranging Sensor

Crowbits-RGB Matrix

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What is Crowbits-RGB Matrix?

RGB Matrix is the 8*8 matrix display module composed of 64 RGB led beads, which can be monochrome,full color, gradient, horse racing in response to changes in the input signal, and also display simple graphics. This will make your project look so cool.



How does it work?

WS2812 model RGB 5050 lamp beads integrated with a control unit of a single pixel, three primary colors (each pixel of the RED, GREEN, BLUE ) can achieve 256 levels of brightness display, built-in signal cascade and a signal shaping circuit, built-in data-line communication protocol, single-line communication can be used for LED cascading, data is input from the DIN terminal and output from the DOUT terminal. The first sent 24BIT data is extracted by the first pixel point, (This 24BIT data can be used to control the dimming, flickering, and alternate RGB colors of a single light ), and sent to the data latch inside the pixel point for locking. The remaining data is then transferred to the next cascading pixel point after internal reshaping and amplification, every time a pixel point passes , the signal is reduced by 24BIT, so that multiple cascaded lights can be controlled by a single cascade line for each light to turn on, off, blink, and gradient control. If enough light cascades are arranged to form a matrix, and the speed of sending data is accelerated, the control of the whole matrix can be realized.



How to use it?

It can display simple animations, various data changes, etc by burning code.





Operating Voltage: 3.3V DC

Dimensions: 56(L)*56(W)*13(H)mm


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