CrowPi L GPIO Breakout Board

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This is a 2x20 1.27mm pitch horizontal male pins to 2x20 2.54mm pitch vertical male pins breakout board designed for CrowPi L connecting peripherals. The pinout of the board is the same as Raspberry Pi. Easily plug the breakout board into the CrowPi L then you’ll be able to use it like the standard Raspberry Pi GPIO header.


  • Adapt 1.27mm male pins to 2.54mm male pins
  • The same pinout as Raspberry Pi GPIO header
  • Special shape makes it easily plug in and out
  • High strength

gpio extender


Connect with Base Shield for Raspberry Pi


Noted: These 4 pins (GND,3.3V, 5V) are useless, in order to avoid a short circuit caused by the wrong insertion by the user


  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 7.5g
  • Dimensions: 53.4mm x 36.5mm

Package list

  • 1.27mm Pins to 2.54mm Pins Connector*1
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