Loud ESP

Loud ESP

 STM8S003 Development Board

STM8S003 Development Board

Loud ESP Mini

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Portable, open-source, ESP32-powered audio-development platform with a touchscreen and support for Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity

What is it?

Loud ESP is an ESP32-powered, rich-audio development board. Available with or without a color touchscreen, Loud ESP has a wealth of peripherals to support a wide range of user interaction. It is compact, portable, battery-powered, and designed to accommodate a variety of enclosures, all of which make it an ideal platform for the development of wearables and other smart devices. To help out with that, we maintain a repository of sample code that you can adapt for your own applications. Wireless, Touchscreen-Enabled Versatility for Audio Applications

Loud ESP is well suited for a number of different applications. To name just a few examples, it can be used as a portable speaker system with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, an internet-radio receiver, a framework for developing wearables and talking gadgets, or a smart speaker connected to the platform of your choice, such as Spotify.


Features & Specifications

MCU Core

    ESP32 Dual Core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor running at 240 MHz

    16 MB of flash storage

    8 MB of PSRAM

    CP2102 Serial communication / Flashing chip

Battery management

    Li-Ion battery charging with charge status indication

    Battery overcharge and overdischarge protection

    Battery overcurrent protection

    Battery voltage reading using built-in DAC

    Onboard power switch

    2-pin connector for external battery

    onboard, 14500 battery holder (touchscreen version only)

Audio capabilities

    Dual I2S stereo DAC (Maxim Integrated MAX98537) with built in D-Class amp

    3 W per channel on 4 Ohm load

    Up to 92% efficiency

    Onboard 5.5 V boost converter


    Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

    RGB LED, RGB LED strip header

    2.8", 320 x 240 px TFT Screen with touch sensor (touchscreen version only)

    IR reader (touchscreen version only)

    SD Card slot (touchscreen version only)

    JTAG header (touchscreen version only)

    Rotary encoder/Joystick header (touchscreen version only)


    RESET and GPIO0 (FLASH) buttons

    Software samples for every onboard peripheral

    Mechanical compatibility with Raspberry Pi 4 enclosures (touchscreen version only)


Support & Documentation

You can find documentation such as board schematics, firmware, and sample code in our GitHub repository. You can also follow our progress on Hackaday.io

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Hobbyist and maker, first took soldering iron at the age of 9 and never dropped it since. Fond of audio related electronics and products. Currently developing everything within 8 to 64 bits range, including cloud connected devices.