ATtiny1616 Development Board

ATtiny1616 Development Board

 Penguino STM32WL MAMWLE-XX LoRa® Dev-Board

Penguino STM32WL MAMWLE-XX LoRa® Dev-Board

M.2 (NGFF) Breakout Board

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M.2 (NGFF) Breakout Board

What is it?

This is a breakout board for M.2 cards. All keys and all form factors including:

  • 2230
  • 2242
  • 2260
  • 3030
  • 3042
  • 3060

Keys available: A B E M

Why did you make it?

We made it because we needed it and we couldn't find it out there! We developed a set of dual-channel LoRa M.2 radios as a part of an Industrial Safety IoT (IIoT) project. After some time, we figured it would be very useful if we could disconnect these M.2 radios from their baseboards and connect them to a PC for debugging. Unfortunately, the small pitch of M.2 connectors makes it pretty hard to solder flying leads and we thought a breakout board would be handy... The rest is history :)

What makes it special?

Well... It's not really special, but it's super handy. We can fit any connector to support any key (A B E or M). All the connectors are broken out in pairs but the board does not have controlled impedance.

Board design

The board is compatible with the ST-Nucleo 64 boards. It measures 78 mm by 70 mm and it features 2x 0.1" connectors whose outer rows are spaced by 63.5 mm.

When fitted with Key-E, it is also compatible with MicroMod boards.

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