Neotron Pico Rev 1.1 - Assembled

Neotron Pico Rev 1.1 - Assembled

USB-C Splitter AndroidAuto/CarPlay

USB-C Splitter AndroidAuto/CarPlay

Nano DIP: the smallest complete Arduino board 33 x 10mm

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Arduino Nano DIP board


The Arduino Nano DIP is the smallest complete Arduino board ever. It's compatible with the Arduino Uno, but surprisingly, it has the same size as the ATmega328P-PU chip itself: 33 x 10mm.

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Advantages of the Arduino Nano DIP

  • Unparalleled compactness, being the smallest Arduino board ever developed. Its DIP26 size of 33 x 10mm allows for easy integration into projects with limited space constraints
  • It has more functionality than the Arduino Uno
  • The DIP26 package leaves more pins free on a solderless breadboard

Arduino Nano DIP features

  • DIP26 size, 33 x 10 mm
  • Arduino Uno compatible
  • ATtiny3217 instead of the ATmega328P
  • 21 I/O pins
  • 12 x 10 bit ADC channels
  • Supply voltage 1.8V - 5.5V
  • Supply voltage V+ max 18V
  • Clock 16MHz, max 20MHz
  • Straightforward pinout

Additional features compared to the Arduino Uno

  • 1 x fast 350ksps 8-bit DAC
  • The USB supply pin is protected by an ideal diode that doesn't have a 0.7V voltage drop
  • An extra 2-pole header can be soldered, which is connected to D2. This can be used as a jumper. Use pinMode(INPUT_PULLUP)
  • The LED at D0 can be disabled by a jumper

Features same as the Arduino Uno

  • USB connector for programming and debugging
  • Bootloader Optiboot preloaded
  • 32kByte program memory
  • 2048Byte SRAM
  • Reset button
  • 3 LEDs for indication of power, TXD and RXD
  • 5V regulator


Nano DIP: Arduino compatible ATtiny3217 board circuit


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