MEGO: Rechargeable  4-24V Portable Breadboard Power Supply

MEGO: Rechargeable 4-24V Portable Breadboard Power Supply

Radiant Rainbow Soldering Kit

Radiant Rainbow Soldering Kit

Sunny Surprise Soldering Kit

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You'll be surprised by how bright this board is! Beginning Soldering weather-themed series soldering kit,


This is part of out Alpenglow Beginning Soldering weather-themed series. It is a solder-it-yourself through-hole board that uses self-flashing yellow LEDs.


We wanted to create a series of small and simple boards for people to learn/practice through hole soldering. This board has a few more LEDs than our Happy Rain Cloud and Angry Storm Cloud and Chilly Snow Cloud, and provides the opportunity to learn how to solder them at a right angle! When you're done with this one, check out our Radiant Rainbow.


The sun is exposed gold-plated copper with a clear solder mask over copper as the background. We are always looking for new and interesting color schemes for our PCBs.


Is there a story behind "Sunny Surprise"?

Indeed there is! Back when Carrie was in college (Harvey Mudd), there was a crew of miscreants that lived in a corner room on West Dorm. As students were walking back from their morning classes, they'd pass underneath this corner of the dorm. Unwary folks whose brains were full of Science would suddenly hear a delighted and somewhat maniacal falsetto voice yell "Sunny Surprise!!!" and find themselves blinded by a mirror reflecting the morning sun straight into their eyes. Now, some people were really Not in the Mood and were a bit grumpy about this. But Carrie always thought it was kind of hilarious. While our Sun isn't quite as shiny and blinding, we gave it a fun little surprised face so that you can experience your very own Sunny Surprise, and retain your eyesight.


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