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Theremino OptoTRIAC

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Theremino Opto TRIAC: A Powerful Solid-State Relay for AC Loads

The Theremino Opto TRIAC is a robust solid-state relay designed to handle high-power AC loads with ease. It's particularly well-suited for controlling devices like furnaces, boilers, and motors, making it a versatile tool for various applications.

Key Features:

  • High Power Handling: Capable of switching AC loads up to 3 kW, making it suitable for demanding applications.

  • Precise Zero-Crossing Switching: Employs zero-crossing switching technology, ensuring clean and efficient switching operations. This minimizes electromagnetic interference (EMI) and prevents the generation of harmful voltage spikes.

  • Modular Design: Seamlessly integrates with the Theremino modular input/output system, enabling easy integration into existing setups.

  • Windows Compatibility: Operates natively under Windows 10/11, providing a user-friendly platform for control and automation.


  • HVAC Control: Precisely regulate heating and cooling systems, ensuring comfortable indoor environments.

  • Motor Control: Control the speed and operation of motors, enabling efficient automation of various machinery.

  • Lighting Control: Dim or switch on/off lighting fixtures with precision, creating dynamic lighting effects or energy-saving measures.

Theremino Master PWM Limitations:

While the Theremino Master offers PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) capabilities, it's not directly suitable for dimming applications with 50 Hz loads due to its minimum PWM pulse repetition rate of 250 Hz.

Slow Software PWM for Precision Control:

For slow-responding devices like large ovens, an alternative approach is to employ software-generated PWM with a very slow repetition rate (1-10 seconds). This enables precise temperature control with an accuracy of 1% (1-second repetition) or 0.1% (10-second repetition).

Arduino Compatibility:

The Theremino Opto TRIAC is also compatible with Arduino systems, allowing for direct integration and control within Arduino-based projects.

Overall, the Theremino Opto TRIAC stands as a powerful and versatile solid-state relay, offering precise control over high-power AC loads with minimal interference and compatibility with various platforms.

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